7 proven ways to get more Instagram views

Instagram has become sweet spot of the businesses all around the world because they can reach out millions of people to develop a good brand image. If you are also one of them then you know very well that you can’t take advantage of this community of billion people unless you have not god amount of followers and more Instagram views. There. A lot of brands or businesses get Instagram views and consider running Instagram ads. Here, we will talk about some proven ways to get more Instagram views by beating the Instagram algorithm.

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  • The latest algorithm of Instagram shows your videos and Instagram stories to the small percentage of your audience that means lower engagement. If you get less engagement then it will give your videos lower priority in the user feeds. When your video doesn’t get pushed to the top of your audience’s feed then you will not get more views. The best solution is that post your videos when your followers are online. When you post at the best time then you get most out of it. In order to figure out the best time to post, use Instagram insights and track your posts. Check out when most of your followers are most online. Post at that time and you will likely to get more views and new followers as well.
  • In order to get more Instagram views, all you need to have more engagement. The more you have engagement, the more you get views. The best way to increase your Instagram engagement is that become a part of the pod on Instagram. Instagram pods are a group of 10 to 15 people who have taken a pledge to engage with the posts of each other in order to increase the engagement ratio. If you are new to Instagram then Instagram pods are a great place to increase the engagement and get more Instagram views.
  • Buying Instagram views is an instant way to get more views either on your post videos or Instagram stories. The more you have views, the more you have new followers on your account.
  • Whenever you post either videos or Instagram stories, always keep in mind that what your audience wants to see. Don’t post irrelevant videos that lose the interest of your audience.
  • If you want to get more views on your Instagram stories, try to post a series of videos to give the binge-watching experience of your audience. Come up with different ideas that match with the interests of your audience.
  • Running Instagram ads is also a great way to increase your Instagram views. You can not only get more views on your profile but also increase views on your videos and Instagram stories. Use the Instagram insights to target the relevant people to get more views that in turns give you more followers and improve visibility.
  • Use Instagram stories to get more views. Use all feature of Instagram stories including hashtag sticker, polls and location sticker to make your stories more searchable.