All that there is to know about being a surrogate

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenthood are indeed the most beautiful things a human can observe in their lifetime, however, there are a few unfortunate ones who cannot physically afford this privilege on their own. For such couples and families, a network of women helps to provide them with the opportunity to do so by being their surrogates, angels of earth. If you wish to be selfless you can contact the many IVF doctors in New Zealand who will then provide with a medical eligibility report after which you can apply to the various IVF centers in your area.

The selection of Surrogates

Selection of a suitable surrogate is indeed a critical yet vital process. Most parents contact an agency of good reputation which provides them with a proper medical and physical file of several surrogates to choose from. Surrogates should be mentally, physically, emotionally eligible enough to carry out this process.

The eligible criteria require you to be within the age of 21 to 40, healthy lifestyle choices such as no smoking or drug abuse history, most preferably have had a previous pregnancy with no or minimal complications. The surrogate mother needs to be clear on all of her medical and psychological exams.

What is the basic role of a surrogate?

After ensuring a complete medical testing session to be eligible to serve in this way, several meetings will be held with the intended parents and the surrogate mother to be. Later, the IVF process will begin which involves the fertilization of the egg of the biological mother with the sperm of the biological father in a petri dish, outside the body. Once the process of fertilization has taken place, the embryo is implanted in the womb of the mother, the point where the work of the surrogate begins.

The role of the surrogate mother is to carry out the complete pregnancy for nine months, nourish and nurture the baby along the way. Surrogacy provides you to experience the process of pregnancy and the miracle of childbirth. It is upon you how well do you carry this baby, providing your body with the necessities to help it thrive at the pregnancy, taking care of yourself is taking care of the baby.

However a huge responsibility, emotionally as well as physically. it is important to acknowledge that the baby being nurtured in your womb is not your to keep whatsoever, hence you need to make a few things clear before jumping up this train.