All you need to know about Eminem’s adopted daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers

Eminem is an acclaimed rapper who is famous all around the world not only his music but also due to his personal life stories. Although, he tries his best to keep him away from public eye and media attention his aficionados eager to know about his life and his relationship with his daughters. Eminem has three daughters and Whitney Scott Mathers is her youngest daughter. Whitney is a daughter of Kimberly Scott Mathers who is the ex-wife of Eminem. Kim Scott was drug addicted when she was born. He adopted Whitney Scott because her mother couldn’t take care of her in a better way. However, her personal life is under the waters but we will unveil some facts about her life that you might know.

Early Life:

Whitney Scott Mathers was born to Kimberly Scott in 2002. Kim Scott got divorced in 2001 as she was the ex-wife of Eminem. Whitney’s biological father is not Eminem as her mother was romantically involved with a man named Eric Hartter after her divorce from Eminem. Her father had a troubled life as he encountered many charges due to drugs. On the other hand, her mother Kim Scott had volatile behavior towards life and she was under medication due to drugs. Eminem took the strong step and adopted the daughter of her ex-wife due to the unstable life of her parents. Now, she is like her own daughter and he loves her too much. Eminem has said that she is his inspiration and that’s why he stated Whitney in many of his hit songs that show his immense love for her little doll.

Personal Life

Her mother tied the knot again with her father Eminem in 2006 when she was just a child but this marriage was happened for again breakup. The duo filed for divorce after 72 days which was finalized in December 2006. Now, Eminem is a single parent who left no stone unturned for the better life of his daughter. Eminem keeps the personal life Whitney away from the public eye. Even he did not reveal the information about her education and career. Her dating history is still unknown and there is the report that boasts her relationship with any guy. Currently, she is 16 years old and residing with her adopted father Eminem and her two eldest sisters Hailie Jade Mathers and Alaina Scott Mathers. Hailie Jade is her half-sister from her mother side while Alaina Mathers is her cousin in real. Her aunt was Dawn Scott who passed away due to the drug overdose.

Career and Net Worth:

She is studying in high school as she is just 16 years old. Yet, at only 16 years of age, it seems she is not doing any job or business. So, you don’t expect to get any information about her career and net worth.


Whitney Scott Mathers has a rumored boyfriend that is, but that is still dubious as she is just 16 years old. Leave a comment and let us know about your views.