Boosting Techniques for Your Instagram Shop via Direct Messaging

Instagram is a fun based and photo posting social media network that helps businesses in the promotion of their services and products. Instagram helps businesses by generating more leads and conversions.

Add links to Instagram account 

Instagram lets you put a link on your Instagram profile. The link you can add on the Instagram bio is clickable and this link lets you gain increased leads on your business website. This adding link is one of the best ways to get success in your business. You can use it more effectively by changing the link in bio whenever you want. You can include the website link of your business on your Instagram bio so that more people could visit that URL. The website to link can be of your business’s product page, blog page, landing page, and the official business website.

  • Track your traffic

Instagram lets you track the traffic you have on your account. Google Analytics doesn’t identify the traffic which is generated from Instagram. Adding a link helps you to have a track of traffic that you have on Instagram in a very simple way. When someone from the audience clicks that clickable link that you have posted in your bio, Google analytics immediately records it as the direct traffic and not as the Instagram referred traffic.

Present your services and products

Using Instagram, you can put the products and services of your business on the Instagram account of your business. You can post the pictures and videos of your business’s products and services along with the price range you are offering. Showcase your products in a manner that they feel more attractive to your audience. Create an environment similar to the environment of others.

  • Enhanced customer interaction

Companies that don’t deal with tangible products can also showcase their services to their target audience through Instagram. Moreover, businesses can post the videos and photos of their employees and key customers to increase the level of interaction with customers. You can also present before and after photos of the services you offer. Customer interaction increases via direct messaging. Brands now need info about instagram direct messaging so they can do upselling and increase customer communication.