Insta promotion

Do brands require more female fans or male fans on Instagram?

Social media sites are a huge platform used for multiple purposes such as entertainment, keeping a check on the latest trends, new updates, socializing and much more. There are several platforms within the whole of social media sites from which, Instagram has been on the rise.

About Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that offers users to post videos and photo content on their profile, share live video broadcasts and post visual content known as stories that last up to only 24 hours only. To these, user’s followers can then comment and like. Instagram, created in 2012, is currently one of the largest online community with the number of users over a billion from all over the globe.


According to the demographics, under the Pew Research report, more women compared to men are using Instagram: 39 % of female respondents use Instagram, while 30 % of men do. However, among active users of Instagram, 50.3 % are female, while 49.7 % are male, an even distribution.

What do brands require?

Instagram is an amazing platform for brands to establish, develop and grow. Instagram is a platform where brands already renowned brands form an account for promotion and publicity of the brand and their products, with the desire to increase their fan base which will in turn help to increase their sales. However, small brands also come and form accounts on Instagram to initiate their success as well. These brands, if continue to be technical and careful in their steps on Instagram, can excel to enormous heights. Many small scale brands have done so by following Instagram’s promotional strategies like gaining Instagram followers cheap and so can you.

One of these strategies includes choosing upon the type of audience your products will be attractive to. Women and men are both enticed about online shopping brands, but according to the demographics, women users have a slight dominance over the men users. Although the minute difference should not make much of an issue, yet the amount of women shopping online is far greater than the men. Thus it is useful for your brand and its sales that you post contact which attracts more women. Instagram is famous for its eye-catching visual content and captions, this strategy never gets old in attracting an audience. Another of the strategy is to post at timings when the users online are maximum, make sure to post frequently in order for your posts to come on top of the feeds of your users.

However, the requirement of male and female users mainly depend upon the type of brand you are. If your brand possesses products about skin care, cosmetics and makes up the odds are that you need to use strategies to attract more females. Similarly, if your products more concern such as men clothing, vehicles, and bodybuilding equipment, you need to attract the male audience for successive engagement and forming potential customers. Making stereotypical rational choices in this matter might be helpful, but do always keep room for exceptions in these choices.