How do people tell fortune with the playing cards?

The playing cards, once created, have been utilized for many different purposes besides playing. Long ago, it has been in use for doing magic and telling the fortune of people. This is assumed to be taken place in Egypt. There has been a custom of using custom playing cards to predict the future or do the readings. The set of 52 cards initially derived from the tarot deck that comprised of 78 cards. The tarot deck can also be used for the similar purposes.

Telling the fortune from the playing cards:

What people do with these cards for doing the readings is that they separate the cards such that they end up with a set of only 32 cards. These 32 cards must be aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens, nines, eights, and sevens. Then, they think about the question which of course relates to the fortune of the other person. The deck is then shuffled, placed it face down, and separated into three sets. Each set is faced upward. The card situated at the left depicts the background or the history of a person. The card located at the center represents the present circumstance, while the card at the right shows the future situation. In order to get additional information about what’s going to happen, more cards are turned over, three below and three above, for a total of nine. Some people use the traditional layouts of Tarot such as the Celtic cross. Some also make up their own. These cards are thought to be the road map that shows the direction where one is headed towards.

What do the suits represent?

There are four suits in the deck; hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. All these suits represent something that can be used in the reading of the fortunes. Cards having hearts on them are representative of the emotional and sentimental situations. They depict the emotions and feelings of the people. Clubs depict paperwork and the communication. They can imply anything from a direct interaction to an email. The diamond cards signify wealth, money, and prosperity. This is also the representation of freedom and security from the financial point of view. Spades are used for location and gravity. They aren’t the negative cards, rather they suggest to be attentive towards an arising issue.

What do the denominations represent?

The cards of sevens are the representation of time and tells what part of life is being impacted. Eight cards signify change and movement, and also tells what part of life is convoluted. Cards of nines point towards the changes of mind. These changes are easier to deal with in case there are more red than black. Tens are the cards of travel. Jacks means someone being not there with you since a while. Queen cards are for spreading the information or the gossip. Kings depict documents or any legal papers. Aces represent decisions. All these significations help in determining the fortune of the people.