How much do American Truck Drivers make on an average?

Truck driving is not an easy job and requires several sacrifices in order to fully achieve what it is worth. It is a passionate job, accomplished by only most of the determined people. Being a truck driver, every day is basically an adventure which pushes you to your limits but you may as well get equally paid for it. If you are considering to adopt this as a career, you are just about on time as we have gathered all about what and how American Truck Drivers make on an average.

An average salary estimation

Every career is basically liberated on the basis of one thing, the salary it offers on an average. Provided with an overview of mainly concerning the salaries relating to this field, data is often broken down into states because every state and area tend to serve in a different way, with the additional burden concerning the expenses of each state. Expenses in each state majorly affect how you earn because the salaries in North Carolina goes further more than in California.

It is stated that weekly, Truck Drivers are making 979 dollars on an average whereas the maximum amount of salary that they have been paid for it is 1,577 dollars and the least wage has been recorded to be 413 dollars. By this calculation, 979 dollars is the average of the pay that this career serves. However, in of an average number of driver’s pay calculates to be 462 dollars. This might have still been encapsulated under the radar of area and the skill required by each official. These wages were a result of a survey which was carried out on 28th of February, 2019.

However, based upon skills, expertise, and experience, a short list has been formulated for a better understanding;

  • Truck drivers who are also students, they earn about an average of $41,000 annually.
  • CDL license holding drivers get paid around $66,000 on an average, annually.
  • OTR CDL drivers are able to earn the most out of the rest, which is approximately $82,000
  • Team Truck drivers can be able to earn up to $71,000
  • The personal owners of trucks can, however, earn up to $270,000 annually but they would be accustomed for their repairs and fuel themselves.
  • The average annual pay results to be about $62,752

What can impact your salary?

This field of career, however, varies a lot in their salary packages as a number of factors impact this array of payment. These include Mileage because if your task is to travel long distances, you get paid more compared to short distances which are although convenient. Drivers who have CDL, they earn more as they are liable to the customers and get more tasks assigned. One factor that affects every career is experience, and here as well. You need to build your profile over the years to earn comparatively better as well. Different and harsher tasks get bonuses as well, the one who avails these would definitely be paid more. You may consider team truck driving and hazmat hauling as these roles tend to pay more.