How to Get a Body Cleanse with Suja Juice

What is a Suja Juice Cleanse?

The Suja Juice Cleanse weight loss is a cleansing program made easier with a pre-prepared raw, organic, and cold-pressed juice blend which is full of nutrients and enzymes. Suja Juices makes various different types of organic juices which can be bought individually or in packs. You have an option of choosing a 1-day cleanse, 3-day cleanse or a 5-day cleanse. In the cleansing program, you are required to drink only Suja juices and water or alongside with fruits and vegetables. The cleanse program can be chosen according to your preference and liking. In this cleanse program, there is no strict only-drinking policy.

Although, it is recommended for a person to cut off caffeine, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, alcohol, excess salt, red meats white flour, and bread products before the cleanse. Instead, you should try to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, a day or two before starting with the cleansing program. Since this will help in making the transition from eating and chewing regular food to drinking juices as full-time meals.

Suja Juices provides a 3-day cleanse package which includes 7 juices; namely Probiotic Lemon Cayenne Vinegar, Mighty Dozen, Trim Greens, Fuel, Uber Greens, Berry Protein, and Brilliant Beets. All of which should be consumed within a day and then repeated again in the following two days.

What to Expect During the Suja Juice Cleanse?

Slight pangs of hunger should be expected on the first day or two which is normal as it will take time for your body to adjust and get used to drinking liquids for meals. Furthermore, the cleanse program is expected to get worse before it gets better and as a result, it is expected for some individuals to experience mild headaches, light-headedness, exhaustion, and irritability. In which case, drinking lots of water and getting fresh air will help and is recommended.

During the cleansing program, it is vital to know how your body works and how it will absorb, adapt, and digest nutrients which are coming from liquids only. As a result, it is preferable to start off the day with a light yet fulfilling juice and in the same way, end with a juice which will keep you full throughout the night and help you fall asleep better. So it is recommended to follow the juices in order according to what is suitable for your body.

Towards the end of the program, you shouldn’t jump into eating heavy foods instantly but instead ease your way in slowly back to normal for which salads, light smoothies and, soups are recommended. Heavy high protein and high-calorie foods should be re-introduced gradually back into your diet in the first few days after the program ends.