How to get visa for Germany fast and easy?

The first and the foremost step after you have intended to move or to travel to Germany is checking the entry requirements. Whether or not you’re required to go for visa application, type of visa needed, and the documents that are important while applying for it; all these factors depend on two main points. One aspect is your motivation to move, and the second is your birthplace. There are different types of visas differing in the number of days each visa allows you to stay in the intended country.

Schengen Visa:

This visa allows you to live in Germany and various states situated inside the Schengen zone for approximately ninety days. But this visa don’t give you permission to carry out any paid jobs in Germany.

Germany Visa:

In cases where you might want to get an employment or explore the nation during the working holiday, the visa that will suit you is your Germany visa. It is flexible according to your needs. The Germany Visa permits its holders to stay in the state for maximum 180 days. In this way, people get an opportunity to experience and explore the culture and life of Germany. In order to get this visa, essential documents and visa application are required to be presented. There are two types of German visa, tourist and the business visa.

  1. Tourist Visa

It is recommended for those who intend to go for a leisure trip, or meet friends or relatives living in Germany. It does not allow to apply for any job, and provide allowance of ninety-day stay in Germany within the time of 6 months.

  1. Business Visa

It is for the nationals of states that have obligatory visa requirement so that they can set up any business and do work while their business is maintained. It can allow stay in Germany for longer period of time, maybe up to ten years.

How to get visa for Germany fast and easy?

There are three types of modes of visa processing if applied through processes the visa application in shorter time span.

Normal Visa Mode

The normal visa mode takes up to three to four working days in order to process your visa application.

Express Visa Mode

Express Visa is the mode of processing visa which is faster so that the visa can be received within a day or two.

Urgent Visa Mode

Urgent Visa mode is used in case of emergency. It is processed in 24 hours’ time.


Application process for Germany Visa:

Following is the fast and easy process of applying for visa.

  • Prepare the visa application
  • Book an appointment
  • Go to the application center
  • Submit the visa application
  • Verification of the application
  • Collection of the biometric data

Following the above mentioned steps along with keeping the required mode of visa application, and the aim of voyage to Germany in mind, one can receive the visa for Germany in a fast and easy way.