Maryland Bridge for Dentists

What is Maryland Bridge for Dentists (Study)

Everyone loves to smile because a smile makes you look more beautiful. But sometimes people have a missing tooth on the front. To fill this gap, dentists have discovered a fruitful technique that helps you overcome the flaw of your teeth. Maryland Bridge is a technique used by the dentist which fills the gap between your teeth.

Two teeth are connected as bridge support to fill the gap. Two metal clips Porcelain or cap is added to the gap. The clips which are made of different materials like gold metal etc. dentists recommend this method because its painless and cost range is normal from other expensive techniques.


It is a technique where a cap is formed which has two wings.  These wings are attached between the gapped teeth and clips the two teeth together with adhesive in between. The bridge is sometimes made from metal or gold or porcelain. The metal clips are fitted from the inner side which is invisible on the front and hides the claps and metals used as a bridge. The price varies according to the type used. There are different types with different c

How Maryland Bridge is Less painful

Getting a perfect smile without pain is worth anything. No surgery is required is the process. You will not suffer any pain, it won’t take hours to be done. A simple dental procedure is carried out. Comparing this process to other processes like implants, bridges are less costly than most of the techniques.

After effects        

There are no after-effects of a dental bridge. You can eat easily and chew more easily infect the bridge will provide more support and you will feel much easy in chewing anything. There are fixed bridges and removable bridges. Fixed can be removed by the dentists. The treatment may take time to heal within 6 to 7 days. During this period you may notice bad breath but its normal and will be gone after healing


It has two advantages like functioning and aesthetics. Functionally it will allow you to eat normally, no food is stuck between your teeth or the sound produced while having a tooth gap, no more chewing food sounds are produced.  Aesthetically it helps you as a real tooth. You would not feel uncomfortable but will give you confidence because there will be no missing tooth. After a while, it’s hardly noticeable to the patient that a missing tooth has been replaced by a dental bridge.

Oral hygiene

After getting Bridge you might feel a bit swelling or numbness around the area. To get rid of any infections try to avoid any unnecessary eating. Apart from that oral hygiene will make your treatment last longer.

Take proper care of your teeth and brush twice a day. Keep the gums as clean as possible. Even if you have filled the gap between your teeth but you don’t take care of it, they will still not look nice and look pale. So take care and don’t take it for granted because cleanliness is essential.

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