What is the best time to wash your face?

Personal hygiene is as important as eating your food and drinking water, which are the basic needs of a person. The personal hygiene routine includes taking a shower or bath, brushing your teeth, wearing clean clothes and taking care of your body’s hygienic needs.

There are hundreds of ways, which people follow to take care of themselves, such as cleansing, toning and washing at least once in a day. A question often arises that why one should do this, the answer is simply that your body needs cleaning as much as it needs the nutrients to keep functioning.

One of the very basic questions, which people ask is what is the best face wash for sebaceous filaments? Well, there are strict rules or patterns which must be followed because it is a really basic thing and everyone has their own ways and preferences to do it. However, the pattern may vary from one skin type to the other.

First of all, know your skin and its type, this will eventually help you in answering most of the questions, such as that how many times you should wash your face, as your skin’s condition suggests that. Basically, there are two types of skin, the dry and the oily.

The dry skin needs to be moisturized as much as possible else it will leave dry patches on the skin and rest of the area. One should try to wash their face twice a day if it is dry and then apply a good cream afterward.

However, the oily skin is a complicated one as it is prone to several other problems too, such as the acne, blackheads and whiteheads, huge deep pores and a lot more. A dermatologist always suggests washing the oily face more than the dry one because the open pores keep on producing more oil, which ends up showing on the face, especially on the T-zone and that certainly does not look good at all.

One should keep washing their face almost after every three hours during the summer, as the oily surface really steals the freshness from the skin and the face starts to look pale. It is not mandatory to wash the face with the soap every time because you do not want your face to be overly exposed to the chemicals.

However, having an oily skin really saves up the day in the winters because washing your face once in a winter day is sufficient. On the other hand, if anyone has a dry skin, then he or she will have to wash their face whenever the skins starts feeling more patchy and dry because regular moisturizing is important during the winter season and that can only be done on a clean skin, else it will lead to pimples and other related problems.

One should definitely wash their face twice a day, at least, no matter what type of skin they have got, once in the morning to freshen up and once in the night to let off all the dirt.