What is the difference in eastern and western bridal wear?

Weddings are a crucial part of every culture and every culture has its own distinct way to celebrate. While some wear entirely white, others go for bright heavy embroidery work. The world is divided by culture and one way culture becomes evident is through wedding wear. This is exactly why different cultures maintain their uniqueness in displaying their wedding cultures.

When we compare the Eastern and Western bridal wears, there are many things that reinforce the differences of culture. What are these differences and how are they maintained? Are you interested in finding out? Give this article a read.

Difference between Eastern and Western Bridal wear

There are several differences between the bridal dressing of the West and the East. Both cultures can be well credited for maintaining and preserving, rightly, the culture of their countries. As much of these differences are broadly visible, we shall be discussing them below.

  1. The color choice

One of the major differences between the Western and Eastern bridal wear is the choice of color. You will find most Indian and Chinese brides wearing red dresses on their main wedding day. This is so because the color red is considered as a sign of good fortune and prosperity. This tradition has been carried for a long time in the Western world and still goes on. On the other hand, Western brides wear dresses that are completely white. This too has been tradition followed in the West that dates as far as 1840’s. The cultures believe that these traditions are not to be lost which is why they are still carried today.

  1. The heaviness of the dress

There is a great difference that comes about between Eastern and Western mehndi dresses in the choice of how heavy the dresses are. Taking a look at the Eastern end, we see that brides choose to wear a heavily embroidered dress to stand out of the crowd. On the Western end, brides look for their ease and go for simple dresses which are not too heavily embroidered. They look for a comfortable dress that is easy to walk in, during the whole event. Western brides don’t need that because they usually stay on the stage and do not move around the hall.

  1. Veil with the wedding dresses

For most Western weddings, veil is of a color that matches well with the whole wedding attire, enough to give a matching look. On the other side of the story, Eastern brides go for a white net wedding veil because it goes with their white wedding dress. Nevertheless, both cultures support the idea of veil as a symbol of protection against the evil spirits etc.

These are broadly enough, some of the major differences between the Western and the Eastern wedding wear which are clearly evident when you take a look at the brides of both cultures. There may be more dimensions to these differences which can be further explored.