Why HGV training is necessary in London?

In London, driving a car is much different than driving it in any other city in the United Kingdom. This implies how challenging and difficult it would be to drive an HGV in the city of London. Therefore, getting HGV training in London, being aware of the driving habits people of London have, and having the city experience can get you some importance in the HGV industry. There are few things that you need to know before you start driving the HGV, and why do you require HGV training in London.

Congestion problem:

Though you might have experienced the pain of being stuck in traffic, in London it’s different from anywhere in the world. If you’re going anywhere through London’s route, you must be prepared for the disturbance in your schedule as it will definitely take you longer in covering the short path. You also must be familiar with the congestion charge zones, particularly if the vehicle you’re driving is chargeable. That depends on the kind of vehicle and what does it emit. If that is the case, you must be clear about whether you or your client has to pay for it. Parking areas are less in London due to the on-road parking, thus it’s hard for you to pull over for breaks. Hence, due to such congestion issues, one needs to have the HGV training in London.

Number of Bikes:

It’s not only cars that you will find in great number on the roads of London, there are huge number of bikes and bicycles. Motorbikes are a famous alternate to cars or the public transport in London, therefore this awareness is highly important. Recent statistics have shown that 44% of all UK’s casualties occurred in London. This is undoubtedly a big number for one city. HGVs, unfortunately, are mostly seen involved with motorbike casualties, giving rise to dialogues whether or not the HGVs be banned to be driven from some particular roads in London. If you plan on driving HGV in London, you must know that your driving will be under close inspection, thus getting an HGV training is of great significance.

Width Limits, Height and Weight:

There are many restrictions on the roads of London, many of them affecting the HGV drivers more than any other. You will come across low bridges, width, and weight restrictions on many roads. The whole city has the weight restriction of 7.5 tons in all the main regions, so going with more weight means you must go from an alternate path.

Lorry Control Plan:

Being fully aware about all of the above mentioned rules or advices, you must also be contended with the London Lorry Control Scheme. These rules were set by the London Councils in order to keep away the HGVs who are greater than 18 tons in weight so that the residents do not face any problems. According to this scheme, HGVs over this weight are not allowed on GMW in the evening time and also on the weekends.